Studio Policy 2019-2020

Music study is an essential component of a child’s education. The objective of this studio is to develop the musical potential of each student in the areas of general musicianship, technical proficiency and performance. 



A daily practice schedule is essential for progress and enjoyment in piano study. Parents must realize it is their responsibility to provide the structure for their child’s practice. Mastery during each practice session is more important than actual minutes. Age and level of advancement need be considered when deciding how much the student needs to practice. This will be determined by the teacher along with the parent and student. 

Suggested Daily Practice Time:

Grade 1-2: 20-30 min.  Grade 3-4: 30-40 min.  Grade 5-6: 40-45 min.

Grade 7-8: 45-60 min.  Grade 9-12: 60-120 min. 

Regular Practice: A practice schedule of six days a week is encouraged. Less than five days a week is considered insufficient.

Practice Record: Students are required to keep a weekly practice record in their notebook. For students in grades 1-8, parents are asked to sign the practice record.

Lesson Notebook: Students should read the lesson notebook carefully and practice all lesson assignments daily. Parents are encouraged to help younger students read their notebook and follow practice directions.


Piano: Students should practice on a piano that is in good condition and is tuned at least once a year.

Metronome: Each student must have a metronome. 


30 minute:  Beginners in grades 1-2  

45 minute:  Second year through intermediate level,

                   beginners grade 3 and up

60 minute:  Late intermediate and advanced students


There will be approximately four- six group lessons scheduled throughout the year. Group lessons are helpful in developing stage presence and confidence during performance. There is no extra charge for the group lesson. Please make an effort to see that your child attends. Group lessons are considered make up lessons in the event that a missed lesson does not get made up.


Payments: Tuition is payable in nine equal monthly installments from September through May. Lessons for the 2019-2020 school year will begin on Tues. Sept. 3 and conclude on Friday June 5. This makes for approximately 36 lessons with scheduled holidays. As a reminder, a statement will be emailed the first week of the month and payment will be due on the second lesson of the month.

Additional Fees: Additional charges for music or audition fees will be included on the monthly statement. Music will be sold at the cost of the book plus 20% for tax and shipping.

Missed Lessons: Please call in advance to excuse a lesson. Excused lessons may be rescheduled only if scheduling permits within the same week. No credit will be given for missed lessons. If the student or teacher misses a lesson that does not get made up, the group lesson and the fifth lesson in a month are at no extra charge. These extra lessons will be considered make up lessons in the event of a missed lesson. If additional make up lessons are needed, the student may schedule make up lessons during the summer months.


Students should plan to schedule three or more lessons during the summer break. Summer lessons are essential for maintenance as well as continued progress. Lessons may be scheduled on an individual basis and need not be weekly. Lessons will be charged at the per lesson fee, payment may be made at the end of the summer for the total number of lessons taken.


Recitals are scheduled in January and late May. Participation in the recitals is required. Participation in the WA State Music Artistry Program, Musicfest Northwest and Piano Guild Adjudications are optional but encouraged for goal setting and feedback on progress. The teacher will advise students when they are ready to enter these additional events.


Cooperation and communication between parents, teacher and student is essential. Parents are encouraged to speak with the teacher often concerning their child's progress.


In respect to the teacher and the time reserved for the student, each student who registers for lessons makes a commitment for the school year.

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